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answer. they have a pretty good first team offense themselves. brady up top. there is randy moss. we are all tied up at 7. that was pretty easy. and then more moss. more brady. and look at this. pump and go and moss went. 14-7 at that jungts tur. -- juncture. then the team offen would get it back in geerp. campbell looking good -- in gear. campbell looking good. look at the footwork. down the side line he goes. 70 yards, my friends, inside the patriots ten. that leads to this. jason campbell looking, can't find anybody. dison has got to -- zorn has got to like this. touchdown. campbell played the first series of the third quarteand then handed the reins off and then uh-oh. that is a mistake by colt. picked off by jonathan willheights. 99 yards reverse. the pats taking 24-17 lead but colt would make amends. going to go deep at the end of the third quarter and marco mitchell, second week in a row, second touchdown right there. he is impressing a lot of people. but the redskins would lose a tough one 27-24. but still played very, very well. for more on this game, let's go live out to fe
is open. randy moss, 27-yard touchdown pass. enough for the patriots highlits. jason campbell,econd quarter, he answers. it drops back, fines chris cooley -- he drops back, and he finds chris cooley wide open. it all the way down to the six- yard line. the 73-yard reception. watch jason campbell on display. flushed out of the pocket, and he will throw. oops, 4-yard scamper into the end zone. fourth quarter, " brennan takes over. it wishes he could do a deal over. nobody catches this, a 99 yard interception return. 24-17 patriots. he shakes it off and brings the team back, 32-yard pass. he will make the team. the patriots win the game, very late field goal, 27-24. but the redskins looked good. >>> the nationals in st. louis, taking on possibly the best team in baseball. at the top of the seventh, josh barnes with the double to right. dukes rounds second base, coming home. the nationals take the lead. but the cardinals have a guy by the name of alberta pujols. just the best hitter in baseball. launches that into the atmosphere. the cardinals beat the nationals, 3-to the final. i
all this negative media hype get us down. >> you want randy moss on the redskins basically was our conversation. >> okay, right now we have to go back to u.s. capitol steps where the casket carrying the body of senator kennedy has arrived and you are looking at the service. we are going to close out here. we'll see you back here at 11:00. b@
with tom brady and randy moss coming to town a dine mick duo brady coming off knee surgery but complied 61% of passes with two touchdowns. neither has involved randy moss who only has three receptions this preseason but get this averages one touchdown for every 6.24 recessions that's tops in the nfl. the redskins secondary did a better job held the steelers to just 139 passing yards after giving up nearly. >> you got to love it a lead receiver from our time and you have to play and we know you want to bring the a-game so from the secondary and only defense definitely are junked about the offense the team. a if they can be motivated to play. >> all of them want to get their licks in but that's all for me. >> hold on. we won't let you go yet. >> you mean i'm not done? >> not done. you come from charlottesville virginia but from montgomery county so welcome home. it must be good to be home. >> thank you. it feels brate great you know it feels good to talk about teams i grew up with. >> what was the favorite. >> the redskins a huge fan my first song with a girl was hail to the redskins i'm not
brady and there is randy moss. these two hook up early an often every time they play. last year, brady didn't play at all. had a knee injury. randy moss had 69 catches, over 1 how yards, 11 touchdowns without brady so look out for those two. these guys will have a lot of work. they know this will not be an easy test with new england's offense coming. >> you got to love it. one. the eleast receivers of mew time and all time. you got to love it. you got to get ready to go out there and play. we've been talking about it all week. we know how it going to be so we ready to play. >> he is a great receiver. you wanted to bring your a game. the things they've done the last couple of areas gets any defense motivated to go out there and beltway. >> reporter: jim zorn says he is not really concerned but so far, the first team offense in the two pre-season games, they haven't done a lot. santana moss will be out there friday against new england. jace son campbell not concerned but hopefully they'll move the ball better this week. >> part of winning quarterback play i believe is coming off on to th
a teammate named randy moss. moss had two touchdowns and brady 150 yards passing. skins trail 17-7. jason campbell back to pass, finds his buddy chris coolly over the middle and the tight end has running room. gets a nice block. he would go all the way down to the six yard line. skins in business, a 73 yard catch and run. after a penalty, third and goal, jason campbell says, i'll take it myself and takes it to the rewarding peace of real estate for six. third quarter, still tiled at 17. coal brennan in the game, tried to hit his receiver here as the skins are threatening but jonathan reads his eyes, picks it off and there would be an abundance of running on the play. 99 yards for the touchdown. patriots take a 24-17 lead. but hold on a second. colt brennan would redeem himselves finds marco mitchell, a beautiful throw and catch, however the patriots would win n-2 o4 a last second field goal. kelly praising his performance. >> the guy is a talented guy. the whole line has been giving him time to throw the ball. he was a lot more confident in the huddle too. after he made fist play on first
against tom brady, randy moss and the new england patriots. brady missed last season with a knee injury but has completed 61% of his passes in the preseason and to touchdowns. moss coming off a year in which he caught 69 passes for over a thousand yards and 11tds without tom brady. a tough assignment for a washington defense that welcomes the challenge. >> you've got to love it, man. got to love it. one ever the elite receivers of my time and our time. you've got to love it. got to get ready to go out there and play. we've been talking about it all week. we're ready to play. >> he's a great receiver. any time you work with a great receiver, you want to bring your a game. all of us on the secondary and defense -- sm. indiscern -- [ indiscernible ] >> quarterback michael vick will make his preseason debut for the eagles in thuday's game against the jags at lynn confinancial field. coach andy reid said vick will play the first three-quarters of the game. he'll definitely play quarterback and could be used as runningback and maybe even a little wide receiver. >> i think he's excited to get
. skins hosting the 3-time superbowl champions tom brady and the patriot. brady, randy moss, 27 yards. beats d'angelo hall. then in the second, brady to moss again 27 yards again. this time beating landry. but here comes campbell identifying the defensive break down. look what cooley does. stays inbound and then breaks the ankle tackle. 73 yards all the way down to the sixth. great stuff by cooley and then three plays later nobody open and so campbell a little pump fake and freezes the defender. does it himself. jason 13 of 22. 209 yards in just over a half as the redskins do lose to the patriots 27-24. but still a good effort by jason. with that we go straight live to fedex field. sara walsh just spoke with some of the redskins as they came off the field. >> reporter: good evening. for the second game in a row, this redskins went against an elite and more than held their own. they went deep and produced points, hopefully quieting some of the doubt. >> we played for three or four quarters and get a feel for playing the game. we had some fun. we tried to execute different areas of the
it randy moss either. the starters will go abroad the first quarter. -- go about the first quarter. for tiger woods, a tremendous first round. five under 67, a brilliant first rod. when that flight stickwork for tiger, look out. -- stick works for tiger, look out. he was positioning himself all that long. the leader board looks like this, he has a one-shot lead over patrick carrington -- harrington. back to you. >>> coming up next, a local man is getting ready for a trip. >> why the w>> why t >>> less than two weeks from today, a fairfax county man is scheduled ahead in this space. >> and we have what neighbors think about having an astronaut from their town. >> people in springfield, va. are proud. they are honored to have somebody represent them not only on a national stage, the to the world. it is the third time in space for patrick forester. it is here in springfield, virginia where he got his start. in the classrooms at a high school, the retired army colonel wasn't interested in science, mainly history. it is also where forrester met his future wife in the late 70's. >> [unin
and tom brady knows he has randy moss deep and here's the second of the night. landry getting deep there and the patriots go up 14-7. with time winding down in the first half, jason campbell, forced out of the pocket and scrambles left. nobody open. check out the pump fake and goes in for a four-yard touchdown and tied at 17 at the half. to the second half, in at quarterback, he threw a pick returned for a td and redeemed himself, thanks to mark o'mitchell who pulled in the 33- yard score. the redskins lose this one 27- 24 and made progress in the game. we're not getting on, you know, all the things that we need to to play in our division, but we're on our way, you know, i'm not discourageed, i'm encouraged in where we're going, but we're not there yet. chris cooly helped jason campbell's cause last night. the second quarter, campbell hooked up with cooly in stride and watched captain chaos and does the rest. the big man down the sideline, resulted in a 73-yard game to help set up the redskins second touchdown. it was his longest career reception on the night. he had two catches fo
: this offseason, they signed him to a six-year $54 million deal. but on friday, it was randy moss who was money against the redskins cornerback. >> we would like to, you know, dominate those guys more. i thought it was a great throw and a great catch. you throw that an inch higher or to the left or to the right and you know the difference is every single time. >> the outspoken coroner has no problem hearing their own criticism. >> they reportedly had that out here. you're not used to getting torched like that, how do you feel? well, you know, we played a lot of the role coverage and they didn't catch that. >> often described as a shut down corner. but no matter the inevitable mistake, you know, he can also be called, accountable. >> no way that they could catch that touchdown. i'm going to say, that was maine that was carlos. you know, they are on the sidelines. that's number three. >> they are entering their sixth season in the league. and they feel like they are in the prime, already thinking about what the future holds once that football is finished. tkpwhr you take a career on media when yo
to the attorneys. susan moss, peter odom, randy kesler. susan, you first. mr. jenkins' previous attorney that -- implied that we're jumping the gun here. go for it, susan. >> first of all, he allegedly put this woman in a suitcase. that's a bad way of packing up your troubles. but i have to agree with that attorney. he said this is just a sad domestic violence case. let me tell you something. it wasn't. it was an assault just like when he was charged with assault of jasmine before this unfortunate event. maybe if we take domestic violence a little more seriously both in this country and in our neighbors to the north, maybe something like this could have been avoided. >> peter and randy, are we jumping the gun on this guy? peter first. >> well, let me tell you something. right now they're building a circumstantial case. things are starting to look pretty bad for -- for ryan alexander jenkins. but you know what? now is the time to slow it up. it's a circumstantial case. there might be physical evidence. certainly with this kind of a crime, cutting off the fingers, taking out the teeth, the
of them going to randy moss in that first ha half. >> went down with an apparent shoulder injury after haynes worth put him down to the ground. belichick spoke when the game was over. >> i thought the team came out and play ed competitively tonight, as did the redskins. we ended up 17-17 at the half. they're good a good football team. they've got a lot of talented players. i thought our guys battled good on the road. we have some other guys playing at the end of the game. it's good to see us making plays to win. the punt return, and we were able to get them to stop there on the third down and kick the field goal. a good, competitive game on the road. what we needed. certainly a lot of things to build on here. corrections we need to make. but overall was pleased with the effort we put out there and the competitiveness of the game. >> >> yeah, we wanted to look at, you know, kevin and andrew in the second half. >> >> [inaudible] >> >> he didn't play in the second half. >> do you expect brady to play final ects bition game? >> we really haven't talked about the final exhibition game and h
to a field goal. ensuing patriots drive, brady going deep for randy moss. but it's picked off by shelden brown. brady, however, would shake off mistake. as he played until late in thesi first half. here we are in the second quarter. brady goes back to moss. inside the 15. three catches, 54 yards for number 81. same drive, 3rd and 7. brady goes back to chris baker. brady 10 or 15 for 100 yards, two t's, and a pick. and brady happened to be back. >> i think there were some good thicks and some bad things probably as we all expected. it's a preseason football. it's a lot of things we're working on. and you know, we haven't played in a while. not only me, obviously, but the whole team. offensive football is about chemistry and timing. and there are some things that went well, and i'm happy we scored a couple of touchdowns in there. julian had a great punt return which really sparked us. it's good to get a win. but any time you take the field, it's hard to get a win. >> most quarterbacks don't like to get hit. but did you want to take a hit to see? >> yeah, i was just going to hold the ball i
, but it should be tried. >> i want to go back to the lawyers, susan moss, peter odom and randy kesler. susan, you know, what do they need? what do authorities need to tie him to this body aside from the circumstantial? they got in a fight, the marriage was annulled, he was jealous allegedly. what do they need? >> well, the best would probably be dna evidence at the crime site if that in fact did happen at his apartment or somewhere else where he had access to. if we can see her blood and his blood somewhere in close vicinity, i mean, there must have been a lot of blood when the fingers were cut off and when the teeth were broken. if his blood is mixed with that blood, then you're pretty much home free. >> peter, if this were your client, would you be on the phone with him saying, get your you-know-what back here? >> well, you know, i'd want to talk to him. i'd certainly want to find out what he has to say. but i'm probably not going to be advising him to turn himself in to the police. i mean, you know, also the -- it's up to the canadian authorities to either expel him or up to the u.s. authoriti
with a new team? the answer, randy moss, who accomplished this feat with the new england patriots in 2007. >>> fair isaac, the company behind your fico credit score soon to be out with an extensive study on consumer credit situations. joining us for a preview is mark green, fair isaac ceo and also from the st. louis fed. >> board in washington. >> thank you. good to have you back. the bottom line with the study is people's available credit has come down, right? >> that's right. >> by more than you would have expected given the cycle? >> more than normal. in some sense this is a consumer-led recession. consumers have never accounted for more portion of gdp than these days. we wanted to touch base and see how consumers doing today. the short answer is they're sort of stabilizing, doing a better job paying off their bills but we're not out of the woods by any means. i think you said it right, stuart, consumer access to credit is quite constrained. 20% of americans in the first half of this year had their credit lines decreased by credit card companies. much higher amount than usual. more cre
, something. let's be fair. give the three key offensive starters, clinton portis, santana moss and randy thomas and the best and biggest defensive linemen. he was not there either. it may not be fair to judge this book by this cover. after that dismal performance thursday night, it was back to the grind at redskins park this afternoon and the redskins didn't muster up much at all. only 196 yards of total offense, not score anything points. and the defense gave up 500 yards. however, the coach jim zorn said a positive change is on the way. >> i think we'll even improve in the next five or sdays, you know, if that is what you ask. the next five or six days, what are we going to do? our tempo is going to improve, the pace with which people practice, the intensity with which people practice. they got a taste of what was really in the game and i think those things will happen. >>> baseball now, the nats and the top draft pick, getting dangerously close to not reaching a deal. if something not worked out come midnight monday night, the nats will lose the right for him. they said they made him
yesterday. >> his sore calf is better now. randy thomas and his sore knee also back. santana moss did not wear pads. he is protecting a tweaked hamstring. and devon thomas also has a bad hammy. he missed practice and was limited to light work on the side. he did not play in saturday's intersquat scrimmage but he does hope to play in the pro- season opener against the ravens. devon missing times in pads. that is an issue? >> i'm not really concerned, man. i know what i can do. with i get out there, i'll show it. i'm just going to keep wshing hard so i can get back right. when it is time, it is time. >> right now, we are still trying to get devon's hamstring all the treatment and things like that to get his hamstring up to speed. we'll see how it goes. >> now, on the college level, maryland football held its annual media day yesterday. ten starters returned from last year's team. not all the conversation was focused on the upcoming sonya a lot of the peed i can't wanted to talk about the new head coach, ralph friedgen who is indeed a new man. >> i don't want that to be the topic here. t
is who is not practicing. santana moss still has not worked out in full since hurting his hammy last thursday, another did devin thomas, randy thomas, continues to struggle with a knee. and with the preseason opener three days away, concern is growing about a lack of reps. >> we go through nips, hits, bruises, that's the life. that's the life of the game. when it's time to play, we are all together. we just battle. we let you guys keep on criticizing. that's what we feed off. >> devin thomas, ignoring the heat and doing his best to get back in the game. he's expected to be a starter but has not worked out since last week with the injured hamstring. despite being a top four other all defense last year, the skins ranked 28th in takeaways, just 13 picks and just five forced fumbles all of last year. the guys talked about getting more aggressive in appropriating the rock. >> we have the pressure on the quarterback to get him scrambled around and the linebacker can get around. >> i think we got the right guys now. >> self -- is he blaming the line? is that what smoot was doing? for more,
was randy thomas who has been hampered by a sore knee. a couple of receivers were able to avoid the heat. moss is nursing a hammy and thomas is also battling a hamstring. theist dust of both unclear for e preseason opener against the ravens. others like portis and williams endured practice in pads. fortunately the redskins only had one fultime practice this morning. >> i think when we came out today it was a shock. it is pretty humid but fortunately out early in the morning and a little breeze throughout practice. we adjusted and it wasn't too bad. i guess if we are going out this afternoon it would be a different story. >> don't expect it to be cold. you have to hydrate and make sure you have the fluids in and that's the bomb line. expect it on the hot. >> reporter: nfl preseason opener last night, hall of fame, first possessn of the game. the titans punter aj., a goes behind his back, keeps it and takes off for a 40-yard touchdown. so much for keeping it close to thvest in the preseason. for those keeping scores, the titans defeated the bills 21- 18. what a play. >>> maryland football
on the second day of camp. and randy thomas' need is feeling better. santana moss did not practice as he's dealing with a hamstring problem. and devon thomas did part part in conditioning drills and hopes to be back in time for the opener against the ravens. > checking in with holly this morning, who is spending her morning at a rodeo. but there are not horses out there. >> reporter: that's right. no horses or cowboy hats. instead we're talking hard hats as we're live at the washington gas springfield operation center where they are gearing up for the gas demonstration rodeo. what it is and how it works and why they do it. live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. >>> when you think of a rodeo, the first thing that comes to mind are cowboys and horses. but the washington gas company is putting their own spin on things. >> this morning holly is with some of the employees as they prepare for a unique competition. holly, i know this isn't your first rodeo, but it may be one of the more interesting ones. >> reporter: it's my first of this kind. i'm all suited up. i'm in my ppe, the pers
is why between clinton portis, santana moss, the redskins will have the highest paid collection of clipboard holders in the history of football this thursday night. zorn announcing today three players along with randy thomas and jeremy bridges will be scratches for the preseason opener in baltimore. some of the guys nagging injuries but for others like portis, he just hates the preseason and zorn is obliging. >> the thing about him, he will be ready to go. if i put him in he will go. and he will give you his best effort. i'm not concerned about how much he plays or how much he doesn't play but just like last year i didn't play him in the first game. i probably will do the same. >> as far albert haynesworth. he came with lots of baggage. he has been dead set on repairing his image somewhat and did that today inviting several dozen at risk children to watch today's workouts at redskins park then having a private chat session with albert and coach zorn. after it was over albert conveying a heart felt message to the kids from his own personal life. that being if you fall down, get b
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)